March 2015 Event

This months presentation is by Gibsons Petroleum. We have Richard Hannah, a long time supporter of CEAF and his crew attending. Here is the speaker bio for the presentation:

When Richard Hannah joined Gibson Energy in the fall of 2013 he set out a strategy based on running a number of programs to upgrade and transform the Application and Technology layers of the company. Two of the major programs were the KLO (Keep-the-lights-on) Transformation Program which had a number of pillar projects including data centre consolidation, network/telecom rebuild, cloud optimization and mobility along with the ICC (Information Communication and Collaboration) Program. Richard will share the details of the overall IS strategy that began executing in 2014, Vince (KLO Program Manager) will share the details behind the KLO Program and Mark (Enterprise Business Architect) will share what they are doing with the BI component of the ICC Program. They will also share examples of how they delivered the strategy message(s) to the C-Suite to help with understanding the benefits of the overall strategy and the Programs, and how this was shared throughout the company”.

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