Alberta Health Services – Alec Blair – Nov 20, 2013 Meeting

Stealth Enterprise Architecture

Does anyone outside of the Enterprise Architecture community really care about Enterprise Architecture?  If we’re honest with ourselves – probably not.  As professionals we can debate the relative merits of Zachman, TOGAF and every body of knowledge out there, but sometimes it’s just too much – even for us!

The presentation was intended to show that Solutions which are what really matter to a business and end user audiences.  They have to tell a story that they can see themselves in.  Those solutions connect through to an EA using the Federal Enterprise Architecture Layers to the top level business architecture.

But solutions are not enough.  Our first priority as Enterprise Architects is to develop a good communications and marketing plan.  We then need to realize that we are really an advisory service to the business and IT leaders who need to make decisions.

Enterprise Architecture can make a difference, but only if we see how it makes everyone in our organizations more successful than they would be otherwise.

You can download the presentation here:  Stealth EA for CEAF – Nov 20 2013


  • abramson

    I believe that no one other than architects cares about architecture. A lot of folks care about the artifacts and data elements that result from architecture. To be relevant architecture needs to deliver direct value to the day to day activities of decision makers and executives in the form of reports, presentations and dashboards. EA is too focused on the art of developing architectures (frameworks and modeling languages) and little on the value proposition to executives.

    Stop with the views and viewpoints and focus on the Business Intelligence EA can deliver that enables the reduction in cost, reduction in risk and reduction in time to market, … Value to the business

    Less Marketing – more value!

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